Top 5 Tips For Destination Brides

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Reduce stress caused by wedding planning by following these 5 tips.

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Get a Coordinator or Wedding Planner

A coordinator will help you reduce stress, and save time, and money as they give you advice you need about venues, vendors, etc.

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Tip: 1

Schedule a Visit to Check Out Your Destination

An added expense but, it will help give you peace of mind. Confirm the details fit your style and budget.

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Tip: 2

Schedule a Visit to Check Out Your Destination

Tip: 2+

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Select a Destination that Works For you and your Guests

Think about the time of year and the effect climate will have on you and your guests and be prepared.

Tip: 3

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Create A Wedding Website

 A wedding website allows you to put all the information in one organized place. It is always accessible and won’t be misplaced or lost.

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Tip: 4

Secure Wedding Insurance

With a destination wedding surprises happen and are best handled when prepared for them by protecting your financial investment.

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Tip: 5

 Secure Wedding Insurance

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Tip: 5+

Top 5 Tips

1.Get a coordinator or wedding planner 2. Secure wedding insurance 3. Schedule a visit and check out your destination 4. Select a destination that works for you and for your guests 5. Create a wedding website

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