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How to choose your Bridal Makeup Look

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What looks good on one bride may not look good on another. Honor your uniqueness and show off your beautiful personality.

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Consider your wedding day outfit or outfits. You want the style of your gown or outfit to match your makeup look.

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A classic look is always in style and is a great place to start. Then personalize the classic look to you.

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Know the environment that you are getting married in. The climate can affect the way your makeup looks.

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Get some inspiration from celebrity makeup looks. Find what you like about a few looks you love and then personalize it.

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When struggling to decide what makeup look to go with ask someone you trust to give you and honest opinion.

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Be aware and intentional in choosing your makeup. Consider your skin tone, face shape, hair stye, dress, and environment.

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Choose makeup that makes you happy and highlights your unique style and personality.

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Describe your wedding in as few words as possible. Then choose a makeup style that matches that description.

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When it comes down to it your makeup look doesn’t have to be the same style as your outfit or hair or even your wedding theme.

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For extra ease hire a hair and makeup artist to help you show off your true self and style on your wedding day.

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